How worried should we be about the Zika Virus in North America?

The Zika Virus is all over. It’s become a serious problem that is causing residents issues all over the world. Let’s take minute to dig into the what’s really going on as it hasn’t been cover well in the main stream media.

Let’s face some facts here:

Reality # 1: The Zika Virus does exist.

4 from every 5 individuals that have the Zika Virus will surprisingly have no signs and symptoms. Signs consist of high temperature, breakout, varying levels of the chills, pink eye, migraine as well as basic upset feeling for 2 to 10 days. It is referred to as much like the influenza virus.

The Florida Keys is positioned to be the globe’s Guinea Pig launching GMO insects in among one of the most naturally well balanced atmospheres in the world. Although Canadian citizens are also concerned about the spread to northern climates. Local pest control experts have been spreading the word to anyone travelling in and out of Brazil since the Olympics. It is extremely important you get checked out upon return is you feel any of these symptoms” -Canadian Pest Expert. Source:

Reality # 2: A team of researchers as well as medical professionals declare the abnormality have actually been brought on by a chemical utilized in Brazil’s alcohol consumption water.

The makers of chemical insect repellents are delighting in enhanced need for their CDC and also WHO suggested artificial items. There is the evident economic gain for Oxitec to launch GMO insects as they are existing as the only ‘genuine’ service.

The losers are the relying on public that think the ‘specialists’. Customers are informed to utilize DEET for driving away insects yet DEET is a recognized root cause of wellness problems such as migraines, frustration, anxiety, stress and anxiety, amnesia, seizures as well as fatality.

Coincidence # 2: Big Chemical wishes to launch Genetically Customized Insects in the Florida Keys.

Fact # 3: People hesitate to believe they’ve contracted the Zika Virus.

In 2014 the Ministry of Wellness in Brazil chose to utilize an insect larvacide in the water system called ‘pyriproxyfen’. This larvacide is a neuro-toxin that ‘stops larvae from becoming their adult years’. So an artificial neuro-toxin that avoids typical growth advancement has actually been unwillingly offered to individuals of Brazil considering that 2014. The clinical information recommends that expecting mommies consumed the neuro-toxin tied water and also had actually flawed children.

Coincidence # 1: The Zika Virus does NOT have clinical proof to connect it to abnormality.

Traveling to tourist-dependent websites has actually been irreparably damaged.

Depending upon the resource, information has actually been created to sustain that Zika is the source of the microcephaly. Nevertheless, the current raised situations of microcephaly lie just in Brazil although this virus came from Uganda in 1947 and also is located in plenty of various other nations … all without abnormality. This virus crosses the placenta (significance mommies pass it on their infants) yet of these Brazilian infants birthed with microcephaly, just 8% checked favorable for Zika Virus (41 of 508). So just what triggered the microcephaly in the various other 92%?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and also World Health Organization (WHO) have actually cautioned child-bearing females to stay clear of taking a trip to locations that have actually had situations. Individuals paid attention and also traveling has actually lowered considerably. Professional athletes that have actually educated their whole lives to contend in the Olympics are not mosting likely to Brazil from worry.

Coincidence # 3: Big Chemical has a lot to obtain from the worry of Zika Virus while others stand to shed a lot.

Oxitec is a British firm (had by UNITED STATE Intrexon Company) that produced genetically customized male insects that create children that do not establish. These insects do not exist in Attribute yet are franken-creatures with lab modified DNA. A lot of ecological professionals securely specify that launching Genetically Modified Organisms like these could create irreversible damage which no quantity of information or study could anticipate the ultimate result. Pandora’s Box …

Since we HAVE to manage the hazardous Zika Virus, right?

Louise Hodges is the proprietor of Greenbug which provides bug control items that make use of cedar as the energetic component. Greenbug supplies choices to artificial chemical pesticides.

Greenbug items regulate insects such as Mosquitoes, Ants, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Roaches, Mites, and so on however trigger no damage whatsoever to advantageous animals.

They likewise provide the Greenbug System that incorporates with a watering system to securely produce pest-free locations any place water is routed.

The realities state no, the ‘coincidences’ scream indeed.

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Safety Precautions Guide To Stay Safe When Riding Luxury Vehicles


If you want to get to an event fast, reliable and in style, then limousines is an extraordinary way to do go to a bachelorette, wedding or prom night. Limos permit the travelers to make the most of their night without having to think too much about traffic or bother about hiring a qualified driver. However one needs to approach reputed and reliable companies. Limos which are licensed for hire have to pass particular safety rules set by the government on a yearly basis; this is to make sure that the vehicle is in good condition. Furthermore, qualified drivers have to pass the practical and theory tests to get this role. V.I.P Limousines in Montreal has informed us of the rigorous test that their drivers go through in order to be qualified, apart from the security regulation for the driver and the vehicle, it is likewise crucial for the travelers to be follow certain safety measures while travelling in those luxury vehicles.

Be ready to stick to driver rules

For passengers’ safety and the driver’s safety, limo chauffeurs/drviers follow certain code of conduct. They want you to have great time and make good memories while on the trip, at the same time be safe and sound. Know about the guidelines and do not hesitate to ask them if you require further clarification on any of the rules. If were to follow these rules and guidelines, you will not only be safe, but will have the liberty to enjoy your trip without any hassle.


Wear Seat Belts

Much the same as in any vehicle, it is essential to wear a safety belt for safety purposes in the time of any accident. All of you should understand that accidents can take place in any vehicle, however limo accidents are uncommon because of experienced drivers and strict regulations. In addition to that, by wearing your seat belt in the limousine you will be able to reduce the impact of any accident which may take place. Before getting inside the vehicle, check if there are seat belts. If you are not able to find it, approach the limo driver for help in getting the seat belt, and before your car starts, check if all the people beside you wear one.


Limit your alcohol intake

If you are below the age of 18, then liquor intake is restricted inside the travelling limo. In addition, when you are on the move, you need to be extra careful while opening the bottle or cans, plus age appropriate passengers have to remember these points. Whenever underage adults or teens are in the main passenger seat, then expansive things like backpacks or coolers may be banned to keep them from getting their own alcoholic drinks.


Know about Noise Level

As you all know each and every limo driver is equipped and trained to drive even in chaos ambience, however for your security and the wellbeing of your neighbors in the party, make sure you do not draw too much attention and distraction for the driver. This does not imply that you have to steer clear from having fun. Definitely, make the most of your ride with your companions or family, however for security’s purpose, remember all the key points.

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Handheld Device Ergonomics

We are starting to see electronics consumers showing pains associated with phone and tablet usage, the angles at which these phones are being used is putting a lot of stress on our joints and specially on our cervical vertebrae. Research conducted by Kenneth K. Hansraj, Chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine created a model of the cervical spine to measure the amount of force that our spine has to support with the varying angles in which we tilt our heads to look at our phone. As we can see from the data gathered by MD Kenneth K. Hansraj the weight the cervical spine has to support increases substantially with every 15 ° downward tilt.

Other common forms of pain include wrist, thumb and eye fatigue. While it is not easy to detach ourselves from a cellphone or tablet since they are part of our everyday routine, there are a few tips, and along with some specialty cellular accessories that can help you get the most out of your device while reducing general body fatigue and deterioration.

Handheld Device Ergonomics copy

Original image available in MD Kenneth’s research

Limit amount of time spent on the device.

As mentioned before, this can be hard, but it can be done with a little practice, according to Mobile Statistics website we spend an average of 23 days a year looking at our phone screen . Use your phone or tablet for when you really need them, when you’re expecting something truly important and not just to take a look at uncle ben’s bbq pictures on facebook.

Use a handsfree or bluetooth device whenever possible.

Sometimes we try to multitask and hold our phones with our head and shoulder, this can provoque neck pain in the long run, try using a chorded handsfree or even better a wireless bluetooth device to talk hands free and take care of other simple tasks at the same time.

Use index finger instead of thumb to navigate.

If you hold your phone with one hand and navigate with the thumb of that hand you will have some joint pain in the future, instead try holding your phone with one hand and use the index finger on the other hand to navigate through content in your cellphone.

Maintain a neutral wrist posture.

We often tend to curve our wrist and position them in an awkward form, try to have your wrists in a natural neutral position to reduce joint pain

Maintain your head in a natural not tilted position.

As you can see from the picture on MD Kenneth’s research we must try to keep our head at a 0 ° angle, instead of tilting your head raise your hands to eye level, this looks a little awkward since we are used to just looking down, your shoulders and arms will probably get tired but this is good to limit the time you look at the screen, you can set intervals of time instead of a prolonged session looking at the phone.

There is a very interesting video by Vodafone on some of these principles available in the following link watch the video and notice which things you’re doing right or wrong and take the time to fix them!

About the author.

A technology enthusiast, Matthew is always looking for ways enhance life with gadgets, mobile apps and the like. Since childhood he has embraced technology and follows  the impact it has in our lives, he currently writes for Cellular Barn, a company dedicated to the mobile accessories industry.

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The Dangers of Cell Phones for Male Fertility

health har

Cell phone use is beyond rampant in modern day society. Many people don’t go one minute throughout an entire 24 hour period without having their phone in reach, including while they are in the washroom and while they are asleep. Recently, cell phone repair hamilton reports 95% of their customers said they sleep in the same room as their cell phone in a survey.

For men, particularly, this constant exposure to cell phones causes significant health risks. A variety of studies, consisting of one published in 2014 at Yale, raises concerns about how continuous cellular phone could affect sperm production for males.

Some researchers are going as far as cautioning men that they are in danger of losing their fertility. A new study reveals a disturbing link in between inferior sperm and the hrs daily that a guy utilizes his cell phone. The ones that use their mobile phone at least 4 hours daily had the most detrimental sperm counts based on the American study. Clinical doctors think this damage could be induced by the electromagnetic radiation released by mobile phones or perhaps the heat which is generated from it.

These findings would recommend that millions of males might encounter issues when it involves trying to get their mates pregnant due to the substantial use of cellular phones. Sperm counts among men have dropped by 29 % in the last ten years, a decline which has actually furthermore been credited to enhancing cases of obesity, tension, cigarette smoking, pollution and also the gender-bending substances which interrupt the hormone system. This current research study also backs up earlier studies which revealed a connection between sperm premium quality and also cell phone use, however, it’s the biggest as well as optimal formulated to this day.

Some researchers British Columbia, examined over 400 men looking at analyses at a male fertility clinic who had been categorized into 3 courses based upon their sperm matter. Males who used the mobile phones for over 4 hours daily experienced a 25 % reduced sperm count when compared with guys who did not use a mobile any whatsoever. They likewise had a 50 % decrease in the quantity of properly created sperm and also only one-fifth looked regular under a microscope.

Another c report from these studies disclosed that almost one billion are using smart phones globally and also this number keeps growing in many nations f20 to 30 % annually, which means that in the following 5 years this number will most likely double. Despite all this, there are those who continuously make use of cell phones without thinking about the effects.

It’s not realistic in modern society to ask men to stop using cell phones, but there should be an open dialogue about reducing exposure to reduce risk. Simple things like sleeping with the phone in another room and not keeping the phone in the pocket could be very helpful prevention tactics

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Beer now being delivered to grocery stores, but at what cost?

grocery beer store ontario

In December 2015, the Ontario government announced its initial rollout of grocery stores that are allowed to sell beer in the province. Currently, there are 60 grocery stores authorized to sell beer in Ontario and that number is expected to eventually increase to 450.

As one would expect, the highest density of beer-selling grocery stores is in the Greater Toronto Area. However, residents throughout most semi-urban cities in Ontario should be able to find a grocery store near them. This new alcohol acquiring situation pleases many throughout the province, whether it’s someone picking up suds in Sudbury or beer delivery Hamilton.

Of course, this arrangement makes beer drinkers happy, but did the Ontario government properly consider the health risks of having beer available in grocery stores?

Despite its often devastating effects on personal lives and societies at large, alcohol is a regular part of most cultures, and Ontario is certainly no exception. But, let’s remember what alcohol actually is – a drug.

Of course, people who enjoy alcohol are happy to see it more accessible, but that is selfish and short-sighted. The problem is having beer stores in grocery stores makes it more accessible to EVERYONE, including those who abuse it and minors.

Think about someone who struggles with addiction who may purposely avoid being near beer or liquor stores to avoid temptation. Now, they could be at their local grocery store buying some kale to try and live a healthy life, but a few rows over they see stacks and stacks of beer and are more likely to give in to their addiction. This could send them into a tailspin!

Grocery stores definitely also make it more accessible for minors to get alcohol, despite ID checks. One of the main ways minors obtain alcohol is by getting someone of age to buy it for them, and the more places there are to buy, the more people there are for minors to ask. It is also a lot easier for them with a grocery store because it doesn’t look as suspicious when they are around it, unlike a beer or liquor store.

There’s no point in going into great detail about the health consequences of alcohol. You can read all about how alcohol increases the risk for disease, causes death, etc. on any reputable health website, such as Health Canada.

The point here is, as usual, the government seems to be most focused on economics without really considering the whole picture. Beer drinkers are happy and Ontario is making more money, but at what cost?

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Medicines Partnership Announced


The Medicines Partnership programme is a government funded initiative which aims to involve patients in the decision to prescribe. Progressing a concordant approach to prescribing and medicine taking should lead to more appropriate use of medicines.

The programme will be managed by a project team in leading Canadian University that will be named soon. A national task force has recently been appointed, its’ members are drawn from healthcare professions, patient groups and the pharmaceutical industry. The programme will focus on four main issues;

  • Communicating with and supporting patients and the public with medicine-taking and helping them to develop an understanding and awareness of their medicines
  • Professional education and development, working with pharmacists, doctors and nurses to build and reflect concordance in their work, thus supporting patients with taking their medicines effectively
  • Demonstrating the potential for putting ideas into practice and producing measurable benefits by exploring model practices and setting up pilot schemes
  • Creating a better understanding of concordance from the patient’s perspective, and measuring the success of the programme through research and development.

Joanne Shaw, Director of the Medicines Partnership Programme, suggests that patients should receive ongoing support throughout treatment. Since the majority of patients with long-term medical conditions are treated by their family doctor the relationship between the patient, the general practitioner and the local pharmacist will be of key importance.

The project team has been set the task of translating the ideal of concordance into everyday practice.

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What is the impact of non-compliance on the effectiveness on drugs?

New drug therapies are examined in relation to a range of criteria, including medical efficiency, toxicity and even cost-effectiveness. However, the situations of closely controlled professional trials are unlikely to be reproducible in general technique, and healing responses taped in tests are frequently not matched in functional studies. A significant influential element is the level to which patients comply with prescribed medicine programs. Cost-effectiveness analyses, to determine the relative advantages of competing service growths, frequently trust efficiency outcomes of professional tests with little respect for this inherent distinction.

By taking into consideration the effect of non-compliance on medical efficiency, more robust cost-effectiveness price quotes may be computed. Novel modelling techniques that provide estimates of the degree to which therapeutic efficiency is likely to be affected by non-compliance are likewise tested. A recap of the vital issues connecting to non-compliance in health financial assessments is presented, and even some vital recommendations are made, in order to how experts must represent non-compliance when thinking about pharmaceuticals.

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