Here at Concordance.org, we believe in harmony in all health initiatives. This means taking a full complex approach to health issues by examining treatment options from every angle without bias or hidden agendas.

What we need in Canada for more complete healthcare is:

  • more appropriate prescribing, that takes patients beliefs and wishes into account
  • a different approach to compliance: patients don’t comply if they don’t see how a medicine will help

Research shows that patients are more likely to benefit from their prescribed medication when they:

  • understand and accept the diagnosis
  • agree with the treatment proposed
  • have had their concerns about the medicines specifically and seriously addressed.

The processes necessary to achieve this are described as concordance – a new approach to the prescribing and taking of medicines based on partnership.

  • Health professionals will view prescribing as something they do jointly with patients.  This means professionals equipped with the necessary skills to engage patients, investing time in reaching informed agreement for major prescribing decisions.
  • Patients will expect to be involved in decisions about their medicines as far as they want to be.  This means that they will feel confident to ask questions and discuss medicines and treatment options with their health professional.
  • Resources will be available to help patients with different needs to understand their medicines and participate in treatment decisions.  This means that all patients will have access to information about their condition, the treatment options available and the risks and benefits of different options, relative to their own situation.
  • Different health professionals will work in partnership with each other and with patients.  This means all professionals involved in a patient’s care sharing information and making use of opportunities to engage patients, with extended roles to make the best use of skills, where appropriate.
  • Services will operate to support patients taking medicines.  This means that patients can expect to have regular medicine reviews as well as access to information and support through a medium appropriate to their need, including making use of technology solutions.

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